All-in-One Fitted Sheet & Waterproof Cover, For 38 x 24"/97 x 61 cm Mini Crib Mattress, Light Pink (2-Pack)

Type: Sheets
  • ALL-IN-ONE FITTED SHEET & MATTRESS COVER: A soft fabric top surface for infants to sleep comfortably while the waterproof backing helps protect the mattress from moisture and messes. No need for a mattress pad.
  • HELPS MAINTAIN INTEGRITY OF MATTRESS: Maintains the safety and integrity of the mattress by covering the mattress with only a single layer of fabric to ensure the firm side of the mattress stays firm for infants under 12 months.
  • SAFER FOR INFANTS: Helps prevent exhaled air from getting trapped between fabric layers and helps prevent carbon dioxide rebreathing, a phenomenon suspected to be a contributor to accidental suffocation.
  • EASY CARE & DURABLE: Wrinkle-free and shrink resistant polyester microfiber can be laundered time after time without having to worry about fit issues causing unsafe gaps between the mattress and sides.
  • FITS MINI CRIB MATTRESSES: Continuous extra wide elastic and 5" (13 cm) deep pockets help ensure a secure fit for mini crib mattresses measuring 38" x 24" (97 x 61 cm).