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About Our Products

What kind of products does BreathableBaby offer?

BreathableBaby is best known for our signature, original Breathable™ Mesh Crib Liners, but also sells crib bedding sets and other safe sleep products for your baby’s nursery. See our full assortment on our Shop page.

What is the difference between mesh crib liners and crib bumpers? What do doctors, legislators and regulators say about them?

Mesh crib liners are made of lightweight, breathe-through mesh. They do not have padding inside them to restrict airflow, unlike crib bumpers. Many doctors, legislators and regulators see mesh crib liners as a safer alternative.

How do I choose the right kind of mesh crib liner?

First, determine which type of crib you have: four-sided slatted, solid-back, solid end, or mini crib. We offer liners for each type of crib. You can shop our selection of liners here.

How can I install a mesh crib liner on my baby's crib?

Easy-to-follow installation instructions are included in each BreathableBaby mesh crib liner package. You can also download them here or watch our installation video.

Once the liner panels are lined up and woven through the crib slats appropriately, be sure to use both the hook-and-loop fasteners as well as the ties to fasten your liner to the crib slats. Tuck the liner below the mattress for a secure fit. And, make sure to remove the liner as soon as your baby can sit or stand unaided. If you still have questions, just give our Customer Care team a call and they can help.

When should I remove the mesh crib liner from my baby's crib?

Remove the liner when your baby can sit or stand unaided.

What steps does BreathableBaby take to ensure their mesh crib liners are safe?

At BreathableBaby, safety is our top priority. Safety is the starting point for our product design, and we take extra steps (like consulting with doctors and rigorously testing our products) to make sure all our safer sleep solutions are safe enough for your family. We are proud to not only meet but also exceed all relevant product safety standards. Our research is helping to make products safer across the board, too.

Are swaddle blankets for babies safe when used in the crib?

Babies can safely sleep with a swaddle blanket in their crib when they are correctly swaddled. BreathableBaby does not condone standalone blankets inside cribs in order to mitigate sleep-related risks. For safe swaddling throughout the night time or naptime leave two fingers of space between baby and blanket. This will help to negate overheating issues from being too tight or the blanket coming undone inside the crib from being too loose.

What is the best fabric for swaddle blankets?

Cotton is a popular, safe and soft choice of fabric for swaddles and swaddle blankets. It is light and breathable which keeps your baby warm without overheating. Cotton is also a gentler option for fragile infant skin. BreathableBaby goes a step further by creating swaddles without antimicrobial cotton fabric to avoid any skin irritations that can arise from poorly made cotton materials.

How long should I swaddle my baby?

You can swaddle your baby until about the two-month mark or when you see the early signs of your baby attempting to roll over. Once babies gain enough upper body strength to roll over or they continually wiggle free from their swaddles they should no longer be swaddled to avoid sleep-related risks. At this point, some babies may have already lost interest in swaddling while others will need to start using other sleep soothing methods.

What should a baby's arm position be when swaddling?

Each baby is different, and finding the best arm position to comfort your newborn will take practice and patience. Be prepared to try a few different arm positions when swaddling your baby. Babies often like to have their hands up by their face for the first couple weeks to mimic their position in the womb. As they grow stronger and more active, they need to be swaddled with their arms by their sides to help them get the best, longest sleep. Babies’ arms often jerk up and cause them to wake if their arms are not swaddled by their sides.

Orders, Shipping and Returns

Where can I buy your products?

BreathableBaby products are available at stores near you, including Target, Walmart, Babies R Us and BuyBuyBaby. They are also available online at and other online retailers. Internationally, BreathableBaby products can also be found at Canadian, UK and other retailers.

I need to return a BreathableBaby product that I purchased. What should I do?

Return your product to the retailer where it was purchased.

I received a BreathableBaby product that I believe to be defective. What should I do?

At BreathableBaby, safety is our top priority and we stand behind all of our products. If you believe you have received a defective product, contact our Customer Care team and we will be happy to replace it for you.

Infant Safe Sleep

In addition to using a mesh crib liner, what else can I do to help my baby sleep safely?

Safety is our top priority! See our SafeSleep page for more information.

I'm interested in learning more about infant safe sleep, organizations that are advocating for safer sleep product standards, and organizations that are designed to help new parents. What resources can you recommend?

We recommend the following resources for those interested in learning more about infant safe sleep, product safety and postpartum support:
American Academy of Pediatrics

Kids in Danger

First Candle

Consumer Product Safety Commission

Postpartum Support International

How do I safely swaddle my baby with a blanket?

The way you swaddle your baby will depend on what type of swaddle you’re using and how your infant likes to sleep (arms up, down or out). There are a few things you should always keep in mind, however:

Find a happy medium between swaddling a baby too tightly and not swaddling tight enough. Aim for two fingers of space between baby and blanket.Leave enough room for your baby to bend their legs up and out at the hips to prevent hip dysplasia issues. Promote Hip Healthy Swaddling

Is swaddling my baby safe?

Swaddling is safe if done correctly, and it can help your baby get better sleep. It is important to know the basic do’s and don’ts of swaddling to keep your newborn safe through the night, during naptime or whenever you’re not providing constant care. See our How to Swaddle a Baby page for step by step instructions.

See additional information for Safe Sleep.

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