How to Swaddle a Baby

Make swaddling a simple part of your day and help your new little one sleep better, longer, and safer. In the first few weeks your infant may even start to test your swaddle skills as their sleep needs and preferences change. Stay prepared with our step by step instructions and videos for using our Active Swaddles and adjustable Swaddle Trios.

Instructions for swaddling with our Swaddle Blanket

1. Lay the blanket in a diamond shape, fold down the top corner, and then place the baby on the blanket with their head above the fold.

2. Place their right arm by their side and wrap the right corner of the blanket across the baby’s chest, tucking it behind their back on the left side.

3. Place their left arm by their side, wrap the left corner of the blanket across the baby’s chest and secure under their back on the right side.

4. Pull the bottom corner of the blanket up and over the baby’s feet and chest tucking underneath their chin, ensuring no fabric is covering the baby’s mouth or nose.

5. Job well done! Lie your baby flat on their back in their crib or snuggle closely in your arms.

Instructions for swaddling with our 3-in-1 Swaddle Trio

1. Position the baby inside of the pod with the zipper open and swaddle wings laid flat.

2. Arms Up: Place their hands into the pockets inside of the pod at their shoulders. Arms Down: Place their hands down by their sides inside of the pod. Arms Out: Move their hands through the arm holes and outside of the pod.

3. For all 3 positions, zip the pod closed then close the swaddle wings snugly for optimal womb-like comfort.

Other Instructions

Feel free to reach out with any of your swaddling questions!