Safety Is Our Top Priority

We know your baby is your top priority. That’s why at BreathableBaby safety is first. And last. And everything in between. Safety is the starting point for our product design, and we take extra steps, like consulting with doctors and rigorously testing our products, to make sure all our solutions are safer for your family.

Safer Sleep? You’ve Got This!

BreathableBaby wants to get the word out on safer sleep. To help your baby sleep safely, consider these tips and pass them along to others who care for your baby, including daycare providers, babysitters, family and friends.

Alone, Back, Crib (ABC)
• To avoid the risk of obstructed breathing, babies should always be placed alone, on their back, on a firm mattress in a crib or bassinet. Just remember ‘A, B, C’ – alone, back, crib.

No Gap Between Mattress and Crib
• The crib or bassinet’s mattress should be covered with a tight-fitting sheet and should fit snugly in the crib. Check to see that there is a minimal gap (no more than two fingers) between the sides of the mattress and the crib slats.

Nothing Soft in the Crib
• Keep the crib clear of soft bedding, including padded crib bumpers, blankets, pillows, and soft toys such as stuffed animals. Likewise, avoid draping a blanket or quilt over the crib railing, as it could fall in and become a suffocation hazard.

Room Share
• Babies should ideally sleep in a crib or bassinet in the parent’s bedroom for at least the first six months or preferably until one year of age. Room-sharing can decrease the risk of SIDS by as much as 50%.

Sleep Clothing
• A one-piece swaddle or clothing designed specifically for sleep can help babies sleep more soundly and for longer stretches of time. Always use age appropriate clothing to enable “arms in” position during the first few months and “arms out” during latter months so they can self soothe and reposition as needed. And always check for healthy hip room to ensure range of motion.

You've got this!