Where to Buy

Only purchases made from authorized BreathableBaby retailers are covered by our SafeSleepBaby™ Guarantee. Additionally, only new items are covered under our SafeSleepBaby™ Guarantee. For details, click here.

Retailers listed below represent select partners that are authorized to carry the entire BreathableBaby catalog.

If you are interested in purchasing BreathableBaby products from a retailer that is not listed, contact us at customercare@breathablebaby.com before purchasing with the company name, website or address, and item(s) you are looking to purchase to verify the retailer is authorized.

United States







Retailer(s) above allow marketplace sellers. If not shipped and sold directly from the retailer, the only authorized sellers on these marketplaces are BreathableBaby LLC and Paradigm Enterprises. Other 3rd party sellers are not authorized.

Outside of the US




Amazon allows marketplace sellers. Look for seller listings stating they are sold directly from Amazon or BreathableBaby LLC. Other 3rd party sellers are not authorized.

Wholesale Inquiries

To inquire about becoming an authorized retailer of BreathableBaby products, contact sales@breathablebaby.com.

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