3-in-1 Swaddle Trio — Watercolor Bloom Aqua — Premium Activewear Jersey Knit — Arms Up, Arms Down, Arms Out

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Type: Swaddles
  • Swaddling made simple — Innovative design enables three sleep positions and provides a single, safer solution for baby’s first few months. Activewear wings have extra stretch to close snugly around chest for womb-like compression and our silent diaper change pocket that can be flipped over for access or left open for extra ventilation.
  • Arms up (0 to 1 month) — Recommended for newborns so baby can self soothe — just like in the womb. Move to Arms Down when baby shows signs of wanting arms free.
  • Arms down (1 to 2 months) — Allows a bit more freedom but keeps hands safely inside. Move to Arms Out when baby can roll over.
  • Arms out (2 to 4 months) — Allows freedom as they grow and are strong enough to roll over.
  • Premium activewear fabric — Made with 95% polyester, 5% spandex jersey knit for an adjustable fit and hip-healthy leg room. Designed to ensure range of motion, support healthy hip development, and reduce the risk of hip dysplasia.