Our Story

How BreathableBaby was Born

In 1999, new parents Dale and Susan Waters experienced the anxiety that most new parents feel when they must balance comfort and safety for their first child. The American Academy of Pediatrics, doctors and prenatal instructors recommend parents avoid using bumpers or anything soft and pillow-like in the crib because of risk of suffocation and SIDS.

“We followed the advice of experts but found our baby daughter Sierra at risk of another recurring danger,” recalls Susan. “She kept getting her little arms and legs caught between the crib slats. One night, we heard screaming coming from the nursery and ran in to find little Sierra face down with her leg twisted and stuck in between the crib slats and face down. She was unable to move, terrified and bruised.”

After extensive research, Dale and Susan were shocked that no safe bumper product existed to prevent entanglement. Research has shown numerous risks associated with crib bumpers, including:

  • Babies can snuggle too close to the bumper and the baby’s nose and mouth can potentially cause dangerous re-breathing of carbon dioxide or suffocation
  • Babies can get arms and legs entangled in crib slats, causing cuts, bruises and nerve damage
  • Babies can become wedged between crib slats and the mattress, unable to escape and possibly suffocate
  • Babies can climb on top of traditional bumpers using them for leverage and fall out of the crib

While the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission and other safety advocates have issued warnings against loose bedding in the crib, many parents still have little guidance on how to keep their baby comfortable and safe.

Pioneering A New Category

“As parents, we were frustrated and upset,” said Dale. “As designers and entrepreneurs, we decided we had to do something about it and committed our resources and creative expertise to developing a safer, comfortable and ‘breathable’ solution that would be easy for any parent to use.”

After researching and sourcing fabrics, the Waters designed and engineered prototypes, conducted focus group studies with mothers and performed extensive safety evaluations before they introduced a safer, smarter bumper to the market in 2002.

With their new insights, the Water’s founded BreathableBaby, LLC and invented the patented BreathableBaby® Mesh Crib Liner and CribShield®; both products designed to eliminate the likelihood that a baby can get entangled in the crib slats, help maintain air access while reducing the risk of suffocation and climbing.

Since its launch, the BreathableBaby™ brand has forged a new category in “breathable” bedding and performance fabric accessories that has been embraced by new parents worldwide. With the dramatic increase in safety awareness and growing popularity of the BreathableBaby® Mesh Crib Liner, BreathableBaby® has expanded its line of innovations both inside and outside the crib.

“Our vision is to create an authentic brand experience for young families looking for safe and healthy baby products that bring parents peace of mind,” said Dale Waters.