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"Here at BreathableBaby, we believe that the most important benefit of our breathable innovations is the ability to create a safer nursery environment. A baby’s world is filled with sleeping, moving and unexpected surprises — breathability and comfort tops the list in every product we design." Learn about our story >

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Breathable crib liners

Safer than traditional bumpers, our crib liners are made with breathable fabric that promotes airflow reducing the risk of suffocation and re-breathing carbon dioxide, a risk factor for SIDS. Our patented Breathable® Mesh Crib Liner is safe and stylish and impedes climbing, protects from bumps and bruises and reduces the risk of getting arms and legs stuck between crib slats, while our AirFlow Crib Liner features extra tall panels for more coverage.

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  • Crib

    adjustable wrap for a custom fit to most cribs

  • safety

    keeps arms and legs safety inside

  • Airflow

    maximum airflow for safer sleep

  • padded mesh

    breathable mesh, with no padded fillers

  • Secure

    tucks below mattress for a secure fit

  • 4 sides

    No-Gap-Wrap covers all 4-sides of the crib

  • Crib

    more coverage for active babies

Our fabrics have been evaluated by reputable third parties in safety research and technology helping businesses create safety solutions that deliver a business advantage.

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