The Safer Alternative to Crib Bumpers: BreathableBaby Crib Liner Safety

What do medical experts say about limb entrapment?

Infant limb entrapment in crib slats is a real problem, and it can be serious. Our Mesh Cribs and Mesh Crib Liners set the bar in breathability and are game-changing alternatives to conventional cribs and crib bumpers.

  • BreathableBaby® commissioned a report to better understand crib-related injuries and found that more than half involved arm or leg entrapment in crib slats. These incidents also accounted for an estimated nearly 300 hospital emergency room treated injuries annually, and almost half of these injuries were fractures or dislocations.
  • A 2015 Journal of Pediatrics article called for the regulation of traditional crib bumpers and differentiated those products from mesh crib liners. The authors stated: “Non traditional bumper designs seem to mitigate some of the problems found with traditional crib bumpers. Mesh bumpers [sic] are breathable and thin and may reduce the likelihood of slat entrapments and climb outs.”
  • In a BreathableBaby® report, a leading pediatric pulmonologist reviewed mesh crib liner data and concluded that mesh crib liners do not restrict infant breathing airflows and would be unlikely to increase suffocation risk for infants.

What is a mesh crib liner?

Our Breathable™ Mesh Crib Liners simply and safely keep little arms and legs in the crib. Unlike padded crib bumpers, our liners are thin and have no padding to restrict airflow. In a test conducted by an independent product testing firm, BreathableBaby’s Classic Mesh Crib Liner was 25 times more permeable to air than the average of a sample of 10 leading padded crib bumpers. We even triple-stitch our ties so that they are sturdy enough to withstand curious little fingers. This makes our mesh liners twice as strong as the product standard requires, and an excellent, safer alternative to crib bumpers.

What is the legislative and regulatory perspective on liners?

Federal regulatory agencies and state legislatures have also differentiated mesh crib liners from padded crib bumpers, deliberately excluding them from bans in cities like Chicago, IL and states like Maryland and New York. Unlike padded crib bumpers, BreathableBaby mesh crib liners are legal for sale in all 50 U.S. states, Canada, and worldwide.

  • The former Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) Chairman sees “very serious hazards” with padded crib bumpers but recognizes mesh crib liners as a different product than padded crib bumpers.
  • In 2013, Maryland was the first state to ban the sale of crib bumpers, specifically excluding mesh crib liners. Several other states have passed or considered similar legislation, including New York, Oklahoma, Missouri, etc.
  • The CSPC has recommended a mesh-or mesh-like product attribute as part of a revised crib bumper standard.

What do parents say about liners?

BreathableBaby® is loved by parents. Millions of Breathable™ Mesh Crib Liners have been sold to happy customers around the world, improving quality of life for infants and their parents.

This liner allows him to breathe easily and keep his little limbs inside the crib when he moves. Highly recommended.

Give your baby a safer night’s sleep.

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