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Why Breathable?

It is obvious by looking at BreathableBaby’s mesh crib liner that air passes right through it. What is not obvious is that you cannot form an air tight seal when the fabric is compressed, even if the fabric is placed on a non-breathable surface like a crib mattress! We call this A.C.T.® Air Channel Technology.


When the tiny fibers that make up the middle portion of our 3-D mesh fabric are compressed they will not line up perfectly flush and this allows air to circulate all around them. This is what makes BreathableBaby’s Mesh Crib Liner safer than a bumper.

BreathableBaby has hired outside testing companies to substantiate all of our product claims:

  • Reduces the Risk of Suffocation and Rebreathing Carbon Dioxide
  • Promotes Airflow

Comparison Chart

Mesh Crib Liner


A.C.T.® Air Channel Technology maintains air access when fabric is compressed* YES NO
Helps prevent rebreathing carbon dioxide* YES NO
Keeps arms & legs from getting stuck in the crib slats and keeps pacifier in crib YES YES
Adjustable fasteners for secure fit YES NO
Tucks below mattress to keep baby from getting stuck under liner YES NO
No chemicals, flame retardants, or formaldehyde YES NO
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† Protected by U.S. Patent No. 7,055,192 and Canadian Patent No. 2549343

BreathableBaby is a registered trademark owned by BreathableBaby, LLC. A.C.T. and Air Channel Technology are common law trademarks owned by BreathableBaby, LLC.

© 2014 BREATHABLEBABY, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

*Four independent studies were conducted to test the claims that BreathableBaby’s Breathable Mesh Crib Liner helps prevent suffocation, rebreathing carbon dioxide; and promotes airflow: (1) Carbon Dioxide Dispersal Test; (2) Suffocation Hazard Assessment Test; (3) Resistance to Air Flow Test; (4) ASTM D737. No study was conducted to determine if the Breathable Mesh Crib Liner will prevent SIDS from occurring. Contact a medical professional immediately if you are concerned about your baby’s health. BreathableBaby, LLC will not be held responsible for any misuse or lack of good judgment if your baby is injured while using the Breathable Mesh Crib Liner.

“Traditional crib bumpers may be dangerous to your baby. We recommend the patented, award-winning Breathable Mesh Crib Liner. It’s safer than a traditional bumper.

This product addresses many of the risks we know are associated with bumpers,” say pediatric emergency medicine physicians Joel Clingenpeel, MD and Jim Schmidt, MD. “We want parents to do everything they can to keep their baby safe.”

Evaluated & Recommended

Child Safety House Calls was founded by James M. Schmidt MD and Joel M. Clingenpeel MD. In 2009 BreathableBaby was given their Award of Excellence.