Safety Testing


Our Breathable Science

All of our fabrics are made exclusively for BreathableBaby. A.C.T.™ Airflow Channel Technology™ is the science behind out brand, allowing airflow access inside of fabrics. Our products are designed to increase safety over conventional bedding products. Our research and development process accesses engineers from leading safety testing laboratories, environmental scientists from universities and leader of non-profit safety organizations.


  • A study was performed to provide data to help assess the suffocation hazard posed by the Breathable Mesh Crib Liner and CribShield Mesh Crib Liner
  • Third party assessment in safety consultation and evaluation at the highest level available for suffocation and hazard design analysis
  • Our products were tested in categories of: Foreseeable Use, Physical/Mechanical choking/aspiration, Strangulation, Suffocation, Entrapment, and Biological
  • The breathable mesh fabric allows maximum airflow, ventilation, safety & comfort
  • The breathable mesh fabric allows thermal components to work by air circulating around babies skin and move excess heat & moisture
  • Mesh air-pockets in fabric reduce the risk of suffocation
  • The breathable mesh fabric underwent a wet and dry suffocation analysis
  • The breathable mesh is more breathable than other like products in the market, making them safer for babies

Safety Evaluated

Our fabrics have been evaluated by reputable third parties in safety research and technology helping businesses create safety solutions that deliver a business advantage. BreathableBaby is committed to a safety evaluation process.